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Your library card

How to obtain a library card and other helpful information about your library card.

card            Getting a library card

- How can I get a library card?
Anyone 18 years or older living in our service area can come into the library and sign up for a library card.  Children under the age of 18 must have a parent come into the library and fill out a card for their child.  Anyone registering for a card must provide the library with a current address and phone number.

Any patron from Waldron District Library can enjoy Visiting Patron status at local Michigan libraries.  Using your Waldron District Library card, you can check out materials from a Michigan Library that welcomes Visiting Patrons.  After you are done with the materials, you can return them to their home library OR bring them to Waldron District Library and we will return them for you.

- Fiction and Non-Fiction books, Magazines, and Audio books are checked out for 2 weeks.  DVD's and VHS are checked out for 2 days.  Inter-library loans are also checked out for 2 weeks.

- Renewal of books.  If you feel that you are not going to be able to finish your book before it's due date, please contact the library and we can renew your books over the phone.

-Books can be dropped off inside during regular business hours or in the drop box located at the front of the building.  We do request that you DO NOT place DVD's, VHS, or Audios in this drop box.

-Library Fines are as follows... Each day that your book, magazine, or audio that is from the Waldron Library is late, it will result in a daily fine of 5 cents.  DVD's or VHS that are the Waldron Library's will result in a $1.00 per day fine.  Inter-library loan items may be subject to higher fines.  So if you think you need a little more time to enjoy the items you have checked out, please call us so we can help you renew them without resulting in fines.


Interested in e-books and audio books?  Talk to the staff at Waldron District Library.



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