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Waldron District Library

Library Mission Statement

The Waldron District Library's Mission Statement.

The Waldron District Library's goal is to provide the Wright, Amboy, and Ransom township communities with a well-balanced library collection that meets the educational, informational, and recreational needs of their citizens.  This is done with careful consideration of the Library's budget, space and criteria set forth in the library policy.

As a public body, the library will operate in accordance with the requirements of the First Amendment of the Constitution that protects the free expression of ideas that are contained in various materials and formats.  Forms of expression that are unprotected by the First Amendment will not be included in the Library.

The general library objectives of the Waldron District Library shall be:

1.     To serve all residents of the Village of Waldron, Wright Township, Amboy 
        Township, and Ransom Township.

2.     To acquire and make available to all residents of the above areas such 
        books, periodicals, audio and video media, and other services which will
        satisfy their needs to be well informed, to cultivate the imagination, and 
        to enjoy leisure by means of reading.

3.     To strive to aid and encourage the young in their pursuit of knowledge 
        and gaining rewarding experiences through books and other media.  To
        provide the adult reader with non-fiction books, magazines, and other 
        information sources in many fields to meet their needs for facts and 
        authoritative opinions.  Also, to provide fiction and poetry sources to
        satisfy the desire for mature reading in these areas.

4.     To have resources to provide in its collection the most frequently 
        requested material.

5.     To maintain a program of services which locates information, guides
        reading, organizes and retrieves material, and stimulates thinking in
        the young and adults.

6.     To constantly maintain an open-minded attitude towards new methods
        and improvements for better service.

7.     To actively collect, preserve, and protect all material relating to the 
        history of Waldron and Wright Township, its people, and the immediate
        surrounding area.

8.     To cooperate with area libraries through union listings, interlibrary 
        loans, delivery, and computer systems for improved and more efficient

9.     To review periodically these objectives of the Waldron istrict Library, 

        and to revise as needed.    


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