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Waldron District Library

Interlibrary Loan

Have you tried Interlibrary Loan yet?

Our Interlibrary Loan program:

Our Library has joined many other Libraries located in our wonderful State of Michigan in a program called Interlibrary Loan or MeL.  This new system allows our patrons to check out books and other library materials from other libraries located in Michigan.  Click on the MeL. org logo on the right of any screen and it will take you to MeL's database.

If you would like to learn more about Interlibrary Loans, you can stop in at the Library and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

To start on MeL, all you will need is your library patron number. If you have your library card that we provided you with, the number is on the back.  You will need the full number to request items through MeL.  If you don't know what your library number is, please either call us or stop in, and we will be happy to give that number to you.

We receive Interlibrary Loans on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, although the day does change sometimes due to the weather, holidays, or other matters.

Once we receive an item you have requested, we will call you and let you know that your item has arrived and you may pick it up at your convenience.  These items will be checked out for 2 weeks unless it has a special date by which it must be returned.  Please bear in mind that these items are on loan to us and we must return them on time.  If these items aren't returned on time, it not only can result in a fine through the Waldron Library but also through the loaning Library as well.


Interested in e-books and audio books?  Talk to the staff at Waldron District Library.



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